Glaucoma Interest Group of the College of Ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka

Glaucoma Interest group of Sri Lanka was founded in July 2012 under the College of Ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka. Its membership includes consultant ophthalmologists who have a special interest in glaucoma and it is a member of the World Glaucoma Association. Its goals are to uplift the knowledge of the ophthalmologists in the country, to facilitate educational programmes and research and to increase awareness of glaucoma among the general public to improve early detection and follow-up of glaucoma patients.

WGA provides following services to members of affiliated glaucoma societies.
  • International Glaucoma Review (IGR), the journal for the WGA 4 times a year free of charge (both Hardcopy and Electronic issue)
  • Notices regarding the biennial World Glaucoma Congress
  • Access to online IGR database, a unique directory comprehensively providing all available glaucoma abstracts since 1999, comments & references
  • Electronic newsletters, updating you on WGA activities
Following members are in the Glaucoma Interest Group.
Chairperson of the working committee Dr. Lalitha Senerath
Advisors Dr . Dushyantha Wariyapola
Dr. Imalka Fonseka
Dr. Muditha Kulathunga
Dr. Binara Amarasinghe
Jt. Secretaries Dr. M.D.S. Gunatileke
Dr. Ranmini Seneviratne
Treasurer Dr. A.L. Dharmaratne
Message from the chairperson:

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide and in Sri Lanka, but remains largely undetected ie 90 percent of glaucoma remains undetected in our part of the world.

The world is aging, and so are we in Sri Lanka. With an increasing aging population the incidence of glaucoma is expected to increase exponentially. As glaucoma is symptomless until the late stages of the disease hence called THE SILENT THIEF OF VISION awareness in the population about the disease is essential if we are to prevent unnecessary blindness.

Since visual loss from glaucoma is totally preventable if detected early enough and treated on time, it is imperative that we make every effort to increase the awareness of the disease in the population. One of the main objectives of the website is to improve the management of glaucoma amongst the Ophthalmologists. With this in mind I invite our colleagues to pose their questions on management issues as well as share their experiences on this website which will be of great benefit to the membership.

Dr. Imalka Fonseka,
MS, FRCS Chairperson of the working committee,
Glaucoma Interest Group Glaucoma Activities year 2014

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